Free Diving

Introducing a new service – Free Diving.

Recreational free diving is a rapidly growing sport popular with divers and water sports enthusiasts. As the name suggests it is the art of diving without a tank. The techniques allow you to extend your breath hold and increase the depth you can dive to. Taught by butlers Elisa and Chris, it is often combined with sports such as scuba diving, spear fishing, yoga and surfing. Our co-founders Claudia and Alexis, both experienced divers and yoga enthusiaststried free diving with Chris and were blown away by what they were able to achieve. In a short space of time they could hold their breath for over two minutes minutes and dive to a depth of 20 metres.

Claudia said, “ With proper guidance it is amazing what you can accomplish, although depth and time are important, the experience of going beyond your personal and often self imposed limitation is transformational in itself. A whole new world opens up”.

Free diving - Life Butler International