Unleash your potential, Soak up inspiration, Enrich your life.

Focus all your energy on your wellbeing at a luxury Life Butler retreat.

Unleash your potential as you soak up inspiration and learning from expert teachers who are dedicated to enriching lives.

This is your opportunity to take time out from the merry-go-round of life, to recharge and become the best version of yourself. Embark on a journey defined by knowledge, experienced in luxury. Rigid lectures and group schedules are replaced by individual journeys with a defined path and goal. Allow our team of life butlers to guide you along your own very personal path of discovery to transformation.

Discover a range of carefully designed niche retreats that all have one thing in common: they are the beginning of an enlightening journey to health and happiness.

At their very core, our retreats are about creating connections, connections with yourself and with others in an immersive, fun and empowering environment. They prioritise health and awareness, feed the body and soul, and offer the opportunity to relax and laugh together.

Our retreats don’t slot you into a one size fits all regime. They are small, with no more than eight to 12 participants. In this way we provide you with the space and attention needed to personalise your experience and ensure your individual needs are met, whilst enjoying the company and camaraderie of your fellow participants. It is a space to learn valuable new life skills, which transcend the retreat and can be used to improve your everyday life.

We pride ourselves on creating the delicate and perfect balance of a great retreat. You will have time to relax and absorb all that you are learning and achieving, and for your body to adjust to the changes in a positive way. Yet you will also enjoy lighter moments through fun group activities, and practical get- your-hands-dirty workshops. We believe one of the greatest expressions of health is happiness, and when we work together this shines through.

Healthy Food Feeds Healthy Bodies

Food is the life source of our wellbeing, which is why we don’t believe in starvation diets and strict regimes at our retreats. Instead guests enjoy delicious, healthy and plentiful meals cooked with local ingredients by creative chefs. All our retreats cater to specific dietary preferences, so our guests can enjoy sumptuous dishes with ingredients that are right for them.

After the Goodbyes

Each retreat will come to its end, leaving your body full of energy, your serotonin levels raised and your mind refreshed and sharp, yet this is certainly not the final goodbye. It’s simply the beginning of a new you, a new lifestyle and a new path to wellness and happiness. Enjoy a tailored follow-up programme of private video sessions with a butler who will craft health plans specifically for your needs. Through the Life Butler social media platforms there is a wealth of information available to you, from insightful blogs and vlogs to newsletters which will ensure that the skills you’ve learned are absorbed into your lifestyle.

Upcoming Retreats