Our Sports & Adventure butlers will push you to new limits. Learn how to surf, kite surf, windsurf or free dive with a highly skilled, qualified and experienced instructor. Let them take you to secluded spots only they know, areas that are perfect for your level of experience.

Maybe your passion lies with discovering that dream wave and you’d love your family to share your passion with you. Our instructors can adapt for any level of expertise, helping you improve your skills or guiding others through a new adventure for the first time.

Private Surf Instructor - Life Butler


Harness the power of the wind, feel the true strength of nature whilst being propelled across the water by a large controllable power kite on a kiteboard. Kite surfing combines wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding and gymnastics into one extreme sport.
Let one of our private water sport butlers introduce you to this thrilling sport. Learn how to ride the waves in an altogether different way!

Private Surfing Instructors


Surfing is one of the oldest practiced sports on the planet. The art of wave riding is a blend of athleticism and the comprehension of the power of nature. Today it is seen as the king of water sports and is enjoyed by old and young alike.
Whether you are looking to try and catch your first wave or improve on your existing skills.

Private Surf Instructor - Life Butler


Go in search of an exotic secluded spot with the right amount of cross wind and whip across the bay on your wind surf. The feeling of gliding across the water for hours on end, you, your board, the ocean and the wind on your face is second to none.
Our private wind surfing instructors can provide tuition for every level of capability.

private free diving tuition


Recreational free diving is a sport popular with divers and water sports enthusiasts. As the name suggests it is the art of diving without a tank. The techniques allow you to extend your breath hold and increase the depth you can dive to. It is often combined with sports such as scuba diving, spear fishing, yoga, and surfing. New converts are often blown away by what they were able to achieve; expect to be able to hold your breath for double the time you could previously and to dive to new depths. With proper guidance it is amazing what you can accomplish, although depth and time are important, the experience of going beyond your personal and often self imposed limitation is transformational in itself.


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