Whispers of a New Wellness Trend: Silence

Simon and Garfunkel said it perfectly when they sang The Sound of Silence. Yet even the melodic tune of the famous ballad adds to the constant thrum of noise in which we live today. It surrounds us at all times, the buzz and whir of machines, the hissing of a laptop, phones pinging, cars driving, people chattering, the television blaring. It is this nonstop hubbub of the modern world, of our everyday lives, which is the impetus for the newest wellness trend: silence.


Seeking out silence isn’t a new concept. For centuries people have sought out quiet time, time to think, reflect, meditate or simply be. Yet today it is becoming a rare commodity, and something people are willing to pay to find. Wellness centers and retreats are popping up across the globe in response to this growing demand, and these can range from silent monasteries to luxury silent spa resorts or retreats.

Why Do We Need Silence?

People are social beings, and we love being part of a family and community surrounded by the reassuring sounds of daily life. Music, conversation, and entertainment are all important parts of who we are, yet there needs to be a balance. Without even realizing it, our senses can become overloaded, and this can lead to irritability, anxiety, and fatigue.


Unnatural frequencies stimulate our mind, using up energy reserves and tiring us out more quickly. We begin to crave the sound of silence, and peace, quiet and ‘me’ time. Consider the fact that we sleep better in a dark, quiet room. The reason is that cutting out the noise and other stimuli allow our brains to shut down more effectively.


Time spent in silent spaces has been shown to have physical effects. Studies have found that when the brain is allowed to be silent, the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain where our thoughts are organized, creates neurons. Cortisol levels drop, as do blood pressure and heart rate. Ultimately, there is a decrease in stress and an increase in happiness.

The Silence of Nature

When we talk about silence, we do not really mean an all-encompassing removal of all noise; although the popularity of anechoic chambers (rooms designed to completely absorb all sound or electromagnetic waves) is a testament to the yearning for the silence that people currently possess. Silence for wellness is about natural silence, the removal of man-made noise pollution and the embracing of nature’s sounds. Imagine the feeling of walking in a field, listening to the birds chirping in the sky, the trees rustling in the breeze, water tinkling in a stream.


It is becoming increasingly rare and difficult to find places where the sounds of modernisation are absent. Our homes are abuzz with noise, even when we don’t realise it. And mobile phones are one of the biggest culprits, their constant attachment to us a relentless source of the electronic noise.

Silence on Superyachts

The search for silence is one of the fastest-rising wellness holiday trends, and the hospitality market is answering the call. Luxury silent spas, where meditation, yoga, and massage are conducted in a peaceful and artificially noise-free environment, are highly sought after.


Superyachts are uniquely suited to providing this unique and desirable atmosphere to their guests. It goes without saying that sailing yachts create less artificial noise than a motor yacht, but even the latter can create a wellness retreat based on silence. Anchored in a tranquil bay, far from the sounds of traffic or motorised vessels, the yacht can be a haven for meditation, reflection, and silence. Phone-free areas, silent crews, and meals taken wordlessly provide an environment where the only sounds are the lapping of the sea against the side of the boat or the occasional squawk of a seagull.