Wellness Onboard SuperYachts

Yoga at Sea

The Wellness Movement Is Setting Sail

Superyachts are the epitome of luxury and relaxation. The immaculate décor and finest facilities are complemented by Mother Nature’s own paintbrush, where the lapping of the waves, the sun shining in an impossibly blue sky and smell of the sea air are inimitable. Yet superyachts are in danger of falling behind the luxury hospitality industry and the reason is the increasing demand for wellness.

Trends in hospitality come and go. The must-have feature of one year can be long gone the next. Yet today the luxury hotel world is doing more than pumping out trends; it is seeing a dramatic and long-lasting shift. And the desire and demand for wellness, healthy food and fitness is causing the upheaval.

Speakers at the 2017 International Luxury Travel Market in Cannes were in agreement. Sultry cocktail lounges, infinity pools, and rich fine dining food isn’t enough anymore. Today’s luxury consumers want health and wellness, where they can unwind, eat well, de-stress and exercise.

Some superyachts have seen this demand and are responding to their guests’ needs. While some have gone as far as crafting bespoke, full-service spas with sumptuous saunas, hammams and gymnasiums, creating a wellness retreat aboard a superyacht doesn’t mean checking in to the shipyard for a full re-fit. It needs expert advice, a holistic approach, and a change in the way we approach superyacht charters.

Get Ahead Of The Movement

Wellness ultimately means the state of being in good health, both physically and mentally. So what better platform can there be than a superyacht? They provide private and secluded surroundings, far from the interruptions of everyday life, from which to let the body heal, regenerate and relax. The sounds of the ocean, the clean, fresh air and the warmth of the sun all contribute to an indulgent and rejuvenating experience. What superyachts must do is craft all of these features into a complete and all-encompassing wellness experience on board.

Imagine guests being able to enjoy expert massages on the deck or having the choice of tailoring their meals through nutrition plans set out by the skilled on-board chefs. Meditation sessions or yoga can be twinned with the mindfulness of scuba diving or snorkelling. And the perfect environment for good sleep, the crucial element in our well-being, can also be carefully created on board (see our article on sleep and superyachts). Even bathing in the sun, one of a superyacht’s most time-honoured luxuries, is rejuvenated when combined with meditation.

By offering guests more than just isolated wellness facilities, such as a Jacuzzi bath or gluten-free meals, but rather a complete wellness retreat, superyachts will find themselves ahead of the movement. Life Butler’s experts bring with them world-class wellness skills which range from acupuncture to yoga. They can weave life and health coaching, nutrition, massages, meditation, Pilates, beauty treatments, Reiki, Ayurveda, personal training, detox planning and more into a superyacht experience. Don’t just meet the demands of your guests – get ahead of the movement and instil a new kind of superyacht experience.