Scuba Diving in the Mediterranean

Antonio one of our Mediterranean Sea scuba diving experts, shares with us some insights on diving in the Med.

Living on the charming Procida Island just 10 minutes boat ride from the famous island of Ischia, I am fortunate to have scuba dived all around the Mediterranean Sea.

The basin of the Mediterranean Sea is a very unique, small and almost completely enclosed by land. This protection creates a healthy and wide biodiversity that is incomparable with tropical seas. Surrounding this sea is some of the richest civilizations that have gifted the world with incredible archaeological sites, both above and under water.

My favourite dive site in the Mediterranean is actually in Sardinia, La grotta di Nereo. Located in the north west of the island, underneath the Capo Caccia limestone cliff. Considered the biggest marine cave in the Mediterranean Sea with around 10 entrances arches and tunnels. It is possible to dive the site on multiple dives from 0 to 35-meters, diving through long and large tunnels, air chambers and in multiple directions. One of the loops brings you to an inner chamber illuminated by external light from the ceiling, making the whole scene breath taking. To top it of, the walls of the cave are covered with the most beautiful Mediterranean red coral. This site is part of a marine reserve set up in 2003. Its flora and fauna are typically Mediterranean including groupers, lobsters, congers, moray eels, and thriving crustacean life.

I love this site because of its biodiversity and especially because it was one of my first dives after being certified, this experience has created a strong bond with the world of scuba diving for me.

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