The Origins of Life Butler

A Dream to Enrich Lives

Great things can stem from just a single moment. One decision can change the course of many lives. Life Butler, the brainchild of Managing Director Alexis Vincent along with his wife Claudia Perucchini, blossomed from Alexis’ realisation that he needed to share his new-found love of life. It was not a realisation that came easily; Alexis’ journey to his all-important moment of clarity was one of personal anguish, fear, transformation, alignment and ultimately great insight.

The Dawn of a New Lifestyle for Alexis

Alexis had spent most of his adult life travelling the world, diving the most wondrous seas and oceans from the Red Sea to the Caribbean, the Pacific, the Mediterranean and South East Asia. He was lured by the world-class scuba diving, the vivid colours of the turquoise seas, the green jungles and cobalt skies. Yet on a day which began like so many others, everything in his life shifted.


Receiving the shocking diagnosis of an unexpected and life-threatening health condition shook Alexis’ world, and his family’s too. It was a terrifying and abrupt reality check, and the beginning of a completely new path in his life.


With his bleak and distressing diagnosis came decisions for Alexis and his family. Most people would feel powerless at this stage in their lives, beholden to the hospitals and the treatments they offered. Yet Alexis discovered a new world of possibilities, one which he entered with the blessing of his doctor, one of the world’s top consultants in his field. With the support of allopathic medicine, he embarked on a treatment plan led by experts, focused on achieving health through a natural path. This little-known and intensive course of holistic treatment allowed Alexis to take responsibility for his own health. Alexis quotes Hippocrates in explaining his decision: “If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool”.


Leaving Claudia and his daughter Maia behind to explore this alien world where he was far from his comfort zone was like entering an alternate dimension for Alexis. The recovery was hard, and the treatments included therapies such as a sparse diet, meditation and chi-gung. What he discovered was that all aspects of health are connected, from the food you eat to emotions, movement and spirituality. Much of this was entirely new to Alexis, yet he embraced his treatment through a driving desire to recover and, above all, to get back to his family.


Over the next few months, a time Alexis describes as the most healing of his life, he focused solely on his recovery. He unlocked energy reserves he never knew he possessed, running up mountains, meditating, praying, chanting and purging. With not only his future but his very existence hanging in the balance, he learned to focus on the present moment, to examine life as it was in the here and now, and ultimately to change his lifestyle.


Returning home with his body and soul healed, Alexis realised that what he loved most about his life was not what he did, but why he did it. And it was this dawning realisation that was the impetus for the founding of Life Butler.

Life Butler is Born

Life Butler was born out of Alexis’ desire to give back, to allow people to embrace enriching experiences, and to create a space to enjoy the now. These luxury lifestyle services come in many guises, each tuned to specific personal needs. Including wellness experiences such as massage, yoga, Pilates and personal training in addition to scuba diving, innovative cuisines, luxury travel experiences, and an exhilarating array of sports and outdoor adventures, the options are tantalising.


However, Life Butler was never going to be a solo venture, and a sense of commonality was at the forefront of Alexis’ and Claudia’s ethos from the start. At the very core of the company are a group of passionate and like-minded individuals who together create a strong and dedicated global team.


They share a common goal: to enrich other people’s lives in the same way that Alexis’ was enriched during his recovery. They strive to create space for transformation to occur, for happiness and wellbeing to flourish. Ask any one of them why they do what they do and the answer will be the same: to make a positive impact on the world, whether on individuals or on the environment, by providing life-enriching experiences.


Those experiences are nourished by a particular type of trust, by the camaraderie which emerges in the heat of adventure. The Life Butler team understands the power of this trust, always grateful and privileged for the opportunity to share their passions.

The Life Butler Team

The Butlers are strong individuals, selected both for their skills and their dedication to providing inspirational and memorable luxury experiences. Yet they are strongest as a team. Spread across the globe, Life Butler’s team of instructors, guides, chefs and gurus share one voice and a clear intention to make a positive impact and to enrich lives.


The team has come together naturally, upbeat spirits, healing hands and joint passions making for a perfect fit. The team members are friends as well as co-workers, and have shared many profound moments with each other and with Alexis and Claudia. Through their work with Life Butler, they aim to bring equally profound moments to as many others as they can.