Frequently Asked Questions

What can Life Butler do for you?

We can make your life easier, by providing your clients with high quality experiences. We have personally vetted and selected amazing individuals, who create truly engaging experiences. Our butlers are incredibly gifted Specialty Chefs, Massage Therapists, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers, Water Sports Instructors, Free & Scuba Dive Instructors, Travel Companions or Travel PA. Each one of them is highly passionate about their field of expertise and their passion shines through.

Where can your services be organized?

Our butlers travel worldwide. We have specialists in Europe and the Mediterranean Area, Indian Ocean, Asia and the Americas.

Our butler can join your clients and their guests on their yachts, on a private villa or at home.

What if I don’t know what my client really wants?

We can create an “idea” of packages where we put together a “dream team of butlers” with a selection of experiences that we believe will satisfy your clients need.

Personalised lifestyle experiences

What if some of the employee/crew are already trained to provide these services?

In our experience often employee/crew are busy with daily tasks. They may have the qualifications but often lack the experience, the passion or are simply overwhelmed by the amount of work with every guest requiring specific services. We have personally vetted and selected all of our butlers; their passion has had a positive impact on our lives and created transformational experiences. Our butlers are committed to their careers, constantly growing, learning, and inspiring others.

What if there is no room to accommodate the butler(s)?

Often this is a case of understanding the limitations, we always work together to find an ideal solution. We are seeing more and more often that clients charter a “shadow boat” or an extra apartment/room when there are multiple butlers. The desire to provide a truly bespoke on-demand experience for their guests often offsets the cost.

Why should I choose Life Butler instead of a concierge service for every single location my client will visit?

Concierge companies are professionals who provide services, we provide people. Our butlers connect with your clients and their guests while providing an amazing experience. During the trip our butlers and your clients may engage in conversations, story telling, or getting to know each other, hence the possibility for our butler to understand better what your client wishes and needs are.

What else can you do for us?

We can create tailor made itinerary on Ocean or on land. Our itineraries are specifically drafted with great care, taking into consideration your clients wishes and needs.