From Dive Butler to Life Butler

Claudia Perucchini & Alexis Vincent share the story behind the creation of Life Butler.

After many years working with the elite of the hospitality industry, Alexis and Claudia had met some incredibly skilled people with a passion rarely seen. They listened to guests speak about their experiences; how they felt after they had received a particular massage treatment or yoga class. It was very similar to watching students return from a dive wide eyed and full of wonder. They realised that this didn’t just have to be a diving experience. It was with this thought that Life Butler International was conceived.

They set about bringing together some of the amazing individuals that they had met throughout their careers, and have carefully assembled a team of life butlers to make this dream a reality. Claudia says:

Life Butler came to us at a very sensitive moment in our lives where we realized that what we wanted the most was to share with others the amazing impact that connecting with great individuals had on our lives

. By reaching out to like-minded people they had met, they also created a management team with a wealth of knowledge and experience of luxury hospitality, well-being, travel and business services. They are committed to share their mission to “Enrich Lives” by creating the space for a life changing experience. The Life Butler team promises to keep their offerings very interesting and life enriching – possibly life transforming.

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