Should scuba diving be part of your next trip?

Disregarding the amazing marine life, coral formations and the thrill or fear of breathing under-water, what is it about scuba diving that keeps over six million people, worldwide, diving every year? And should you be adding it to your next trip? In a conversation with Alexis, co- founder of Dive Butler our sister brand, he shared why he feels scuba diving can be life changing.

Scuba Diving Dive Butler

Can scuba diving be transformational?

by Alexis Vincent

How can I describe diving? To me, It’s one of the most engaging and amazing activities you can do, it’s like nothing on earth! It’s the only activity that gives you the sensation of flying without actually flying. Under water gravity feels different due to neutral buoyancy, we can move in any direction, and even just by controlling our breath. In fact, diving is often described as like being in space; the environment is so similar that astronauts train in large swimming pools.

When you dive you are exploring a relatively unknown element (water) from a different perspective. Diving creates the necessity to connect and engage with others in a new way. At the surface we tend to connect from the crust to the core, usually taking a long time to really engage with somebody, where as when you dive the connection is from the core to the crust, from the inside out.

Trust is paramount to the whole experience, and the student to instructor connection is very privileged; one that must be established within the first few seconds of meeting. Instructors become mother or father, doctor and psychologist, big brother or sister to the student. In fact, in many ways the instructor’s duty of care towards his or her student is much like one of a parent towards their child.

Underwater you can’t talk instead you communicate with hand signals; however, true connection happens through the eyes. When diving you cannot see facial expressions, due to the mask and breathing apparatus, in this moment in time the expression “The eyes are the windows to your soul” has never suited more. This is how an instructor and student engage.

The instructor’s greatest responsibility is to impart the skills necessary for the student to dive safely, when they are no longer around to guide them. From a student’s perspective overcoming fear and learning how to dive is often life transforming, giving them confidence and a sense of accomplishment that can be reflected in their life above and beyond diving.

Of course, in addition to all the above mentioned emotions and sensations diving encourages you to travel to amazing destinations, to meet fascinating people, to open your mind, eyes and heart to the marine environment. It raises awareness and sensitivity to the need for a more sustainable approach to the world. The entire experience is an amazing activity that definitely makes you a better human being.