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Massage, Personal Training, Yoga, Martial Arts

“I am an experienced body-worker, movement instructor (personal training, martial arts and scaravelli inspired yoga) and anatomy teacher specialising in treating chronic tension, injury, and pain.

My bodywork treatment is called ‘Energetic Release’. It removes trauma, chronic tension, heals injuries, and re-educates the body to release held emotional patterns.

The treatment consists of variable pressure from slow deep tissue massage to light touch, combined with soft tissue manipulation and energetic healing. It is extremely relaxing, enjoyable, and brings a feeling of lightness and expansion. It is highly effective for pain, chronic tension, and injury.
I not only deal with physical injury and pain, but also teach the tools that can help create the conditions for overall happiness and health throughout life. This includes using a method of enquiry to unlock the false stories that people have about themselves, to understand how these stories create chronic stress, and then how to let them go. This promotes a relaxation in life, which in turn enables our body and faculties to function optimally.”

Personal Trainer - Life Butler

Steve’s career highlights:

The following information provides an overview as to some of Steve’s incredible achievements:

  • Publishing his first book
  • Studying soft tissue manipulation with KRI Jagadish in his clinic in Mysore, India. Also studying indigenous healing methods with Mexican doctors
  • Facilitating sweatlodges for 15 years and other transformational events
  • Working at many health and healing retreat centres across the globe and co-hosting the YHM yoga teacher training course in India.

Specialises in:

  • Pain management & relief
  • Energetic release & healing
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sports therapy
  • Soft tissue manipulation
  • Movement & rehabilitation
  • Structural bodywork
  • Martial arts
  • Personal training
  • Yoga
  • Coaching, meditation, and self enquiry

Languages spoken:

  • English


  • “During the past 18 months I have benefited from Steve’s expertise as a coach. His guidance on my posture, advice on diet, and his specialist form of massage has freed my joints and released any emotions held in my muscle tissue along with the knots! As a consequence I no longer have the back and neck pain that stemmed from an injury 25 years ago. I am able to move more freely and achieve moves in my yoga class that I wasn’t able to do previously. Also, the advice on diet has boosted my digestion! I’m still waiting on the concave stomach but Steve assures me that miracles take longer!”

    Steve – 3
  • “Having Steve with us was nothing short of spectacular. He brought a multitude of high quality skills to our property including group and private yoga classes, bodywork and health talks. Not only was he phenomenal during his talks and lessons; he was also very helpful one-on-one with guests who had specific problems or ailments, teaching many alternative ways to heal knee shoulder and back injuries. Steve was very well received by all our guests”.

    Steve – 2
  • “I had the privilege of being treated by Steve. I use the word ‘privilege’ because this is exactly how the treatment by Steve felt. He is one of the most authentic and straightforward practitioners that I have met. He listened to the ‘story’ of the dark places that I have visited since widowhood, patiently, without judgement, and with perfectly timed gentle humour so that I could not feel awkward or over exposed. I felt safe and trusted him completely to work on the old hard pain pushed to the back of my shoulder where I could not ‘see’ it. The treatment, Steve’s unique deep tissue energy release, lasted about an hour and was extraordinary; gentle and strong, and it did not hurt at all.

    When I stood up to leave the massage hut, I felt qualitatively different.  I still cannot find the words to describe that feeling, except to say that everything looked clear, bright, and beautiful. I realised later on that actually what I was experiencing, was how the world looks when you see it without physical or emotional pain. I felt as if I were fully present for the first time in 9 years.

    In closing, I would add that I had previously gone through Rolfing, Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Chinese Cupping in attempts to remove the pain from my right shoulder. None of these brought anything greater than temporary relief. Steve treatment was over 2 months ago, and I still have no pain in my shoulder or arm.

    I cannot recommend Steve highly enough”.


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