The importance of sleep

Rae, Travel Companion, translates an article from Chinese that she found really interesting about the importance of sleep. We love the connection between a lack of sleep and our body’s ability to eliminate toxins.

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The Importance of Enough Sleep

Nowadays, people are used to going to bed very late. Some even stay awake overnight. Due to the development of technology, there are more and more temptations all over the world. People are preoccupied with computers, telephone, movies, etc. It seems that there is never enough time to finish what they want to do. Thus, many people try to make full use of their time at night.


However, the fact is, it is very harmful for our health to reduce the amount of sleep. Chinese medicine say’s that our body expels toxins while we are in a deep sleep. Let me show you the timetable for expelling toxins form our body:

21:00 to 23:00: Time for toxin elimination of the lymphatic system. We are supposed to calm down and relax with some light music.

23:00 to 01:00: Time for toxin elimination of the liver. We are supposed to sleep deeply; otherwise the toxin elimination process cannot proceed smoothly.

01:00 to 03:00: Time for toxin elimination of the guts, same as above.

03:00 to 05:00: Time for toxin elimination of the lungs. That’s why many people with pneumonia may cough severely at this time. It is suggested that we should not use medicine to stop the coughing since it may stop the process of toxin elimination.

05:00 to 07:00: Time for toxin elimination of the large intestine. We should get up at around 07:00 and go to the toilet.

07:00 to 09:00: Time for toxin elimination of the small intestine. We should have a nutritious breakfast; it is of the most important of the three meals in a day. Even if you cannot have breakfast between 7 and 9am, have it at 10 O’clock – its better than nothing!

Without enough sleep, our skin may get dry with wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation. In the meantime, staying up till late may cause vision loss or a blurred vision. We might suffer stomachache since the stomach is a relatively sensitive organ, which may be hurt due to the lack of rest. What’s worse, it may also cause the decline of the immune system manifesting in headaches, insomnia, etc.

Thus, my dear friends please go to bed early from now on!
Wish you a good health and all the best!