Meet Shawn

Speciality Chef

“I am an artist. I think in tastes, textures, colours, contours. Cooking is my artistic expression, and the plate is my canvass. With an eternal curiosity for all things edible, I am passionate about celebrating and fusing local flavors and cooking methods with a unique, modern approach.

I believe that a dish should not be over-complicated; by choosing the highest quality ingredients the natural flavours and textures burst through. Where possible I forage, catch, and when at home, grow my own ingredients.

Having discovered the stove at an early age in the kitchens of my Italian neighbours, I saw how food brings people together. The food I serve comes from my heart.”

Life Butler Personal Chef

Shawn’s career highlights:

The following information provides an overview as to some of Shawn’s incredible achievements:

  • Founding a global company which receives special invitations to cater for extremely high profile private dinners and events.
  • Leading workshops in whiskey, tequila, gin, and rum tastings and pairings.
  • Developing a series of highly successful pop-up restaurants.
  • Delivering a series of events where all ingredients were foraged from the local environment.
  • Raising children who share my passion for exploring the world and all its flavours.
  • Being the founder and chef of Bookers one of Thailand’s top island restaurants.

Specialises in:

  • Molecular gastronomy
  • Whiskey, rum, gin & tequila pairings
  • Cooking for children
  • Cooking teacher – focused on healthy, well-balanced meals
  • Seafood
  • Vegetarian
  • Classical & nouvelle French, Asian fusion, Middle Eastern, American, Italian, and modern British cuisine

Languages spoken:

  • English


  • “WOW! What an unbelievable experience to have a private chef of your calibre cook for us in our villa. One of the highlights of our holiday. The mix of Asian flavours complemented the setting so well. I would recommend this experience to anyone.”

    Shawn – Testimonial 2
  • “Excellent in all respects. A truly memorable experience with an original menu and outrageously tasty food.”

    Shawn – Testimonial 1

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