Meet Martina


“Yoga changed my life and since then I have felt that my purpose in life was to spread the transformative power of this practice.

Every class I teach reminds me of this purpose and in every class, I try to achieve this in different ways, shaping the class on the energy of the people standing in front of me.

For this reason, my classes vary all the time, they can be physically challenging or restoring; what never changes is the final sensation of awareness in the body and the quietness in the mind.”

Martina Yoga

Martina’s career highlights:

The following information provides an overview as to some of Martina’s incredible achievements:

  • Taking part to the “Napoli Yoga Connection 2018” event at Museo Madre as a Yoga teaching assistant.

  • Teaching Anukalana® Yoga as a full-time teacher for the past year and a half.

  • Teaching Yoga during the event “Atelier della Salute” in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of the Federico II University in Naples.

  • Founding the event “A Piedi Nudi nel Parco – Yoga con Martina” in Naples.

  • Taking part to the “Messina Karma Yoga Festival 2019” as a volunteer.

Specialises in:

  • Anukalana® Yoga: Anukalana means “Integration”. This approach relies on the ancient tradition of Tantra and integrates elements of disciplines that share its aims and principles of natural movement and fluidity such as tai chi, qi gong, contemporary dance and the most recent discoveries in anatomy (studies on the fascia and biomechanics). The integral and integrated Yoga approach of Anukalana makes it possible to adapt this discipline with the individual constitution and personality resulting in a faster way to experience the benefits and transformative power of the practice.

Languages spoken:

  • English
  • Italian


  • “I have been practicing with Martina since October 2018. Each lesson is different from the other, and she always guides and teaches with a smile on her face. The atmosphere is always relaxed and when the lesson ends you have a physical and mental lightness that make you feel as if your head was among the clouds! I recommend it from the heart to anyone who wants to experience a soft and fluid approach to yoga, as only she can do! I love it and never missed a lesson since we started this journey together.”

    Martina – Testimonial

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