Meet Luca

Speciality Chef

“I inherited my kitchen skills from my grandmother. From an early age I studied her craft, which I then refined at catering school in San Pellegrino Terme in 2000.

After graduation I climbed the catering ladder, cooking in the most recognised and respected kitchens in Lombardia. It was these experiences that shaped me, taking me from a good cook to a great chef.

Then came my ‘veg shake-up’, which led me to my own dietary experience of raw food and fruitarians.

In 2013 I opened Soul Kitchen, the first vegan restaurant in Italy offering gourmet raw food experiences. In addition, I have also been a leading raw and vegan food consultant for the catering industry since 2015.”

Luca’s career highlights:

The following information provides an overview as to some of Luca’s incredible achievements:

  • Opening Soul Kitchen Restaurant, one of the coolest vegan restaurants in Italy
  • Taking part in the FunnyVeg Academy at the Salon du Chocolate show
  • Taking party in the Identità Golose show, one of the biggest food events in the world together with the FunnyVeg Academy

Specialises in:

  • Vegan food

Languages spoken:

  • Italian
  • English


  • “Nowadays, eating out is becoming more and more of an experience; embarking on a journey, in search of new sensory emotions.

    That’s what Chef Luca creates: a perpetual motion frontier, looking out over unexplored views.”

    Luca – Testimonial #2
  • “In the junction between natural cuisine and the aesthetic avant – garde, this is where you find Chef Luca.”

    Luca – Testimonial #1

Luca’s gallery:

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