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“My primary interests are in the devotional, ceremonial, and meditative aspects of touch, in the release of held emotion and trauma through the release of tension in the body and the healing power of tenderness.

Coming into contact with people through conscious touch is an art. It is my primary language. I believe that through releasing and re-aligning the body we find not only greater physical freedom but also the possibility for personal liberation and transformation.

In Tulamassage I combine elements of deep tissue and trigger point massage within a tender, fluid & rhythmic flow.
Through Tulayoga you can experience physical liberation and effortless meditative states in a space without dimensions

I look forward to welcoming you”.

Wellbeing Specialist - Life Butler

Louka’s career highlights:

The following information provides an overview as to some of Louka’s incredible achievements:

  • Studying Kundalini yoga with Guru Singh in London
  • Having the opportunity to go deeper into Hatha yoga practice through regular travels in India
  • Founding my own technique
  • Working alongside the respected psycho-corporeal therapist and author Marie Lise Labonte, Giving treatments to students at personal development workshops in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Canada
  • Teaching workshops in Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Bali

Specialises in:

  • Tulayoga
  • Tulamassage

Languages spoken:

  • English


  • “A massage from the hands of Louka is more than therapy, it’s an experience- like no other that I’ve had. Though entirely passive, I felt I was one half of an exquisite dance.

    The overall feeling was one of pure harmony.

    Sometimes life gives us too much to carry and one begs to be carried oneself,  this is what Louka does- carries you and holds you like an infant and then restores you to the big loud bustling world, refreshed and ready to take the load again, only this time the load feels lighter”.

    Louka – 6
  • “One of the most calming and restorative experiences I have had in a long time. I feel very fortunate to have met him:.

    Louka – 5
  • “Not only did Louka give me the best massage I have had in years, the inverted postures left me feeling relaxed on a whole new level. Tulayoga is a greatly restorative treatment and a real treat”.

    Louka – 4
  • “He allows for a release and transformation far beyond that which I am able to reach in my floor practice. Louka has attained a level of mastery which can only come from an innate gift and years of dedicated practice”.

    Louka – 3
  • “It is rare to find a person who can create an immediate capsule of ease, safety and freedom.
    Louka’s work felt totally natural and freeing; a developmental experience that created tremendous clarity and inspiration, not unlike how I imagine the womb to be”.

    Louka – 1

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