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Gregory Burns is a world-class athlete and internationally recognized fine artist. He set four world records in swimming during three consecutive Paralympic Games.
Retiring from competitive sports at 43, Gregory went on to complete 3 Ironman events.

After 30 years of painting, his journey as an artist has received critical acclaim in a dozen countries. He has been the featured resident artist in over 30 venues worldwide where he teaches painting above and below the sea.

Polio, which Gregory contracted as a child, may have been his motivation for living a big life.

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Gregory’s career highlights:

The following information provides an overview as to some of Gregory’s incredible achievements:

  • 2016 Sports Artist of the Year (U.S. Sports Academy and Archives)
  • 3 World Records in Swimming during the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics


  • Master in Painting: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • Bachelor of Arts, University of California in Santa Barbara, USA

Specialises in:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Swimming
  • Teaching art on land and while scuba diving under water

Languages spoken:

  • English
  • French & Mandarin (not fluent)


  • “Gregory Burns splashes his paintings with magic-so generously- it doesn’t seem to cross his mind he might ever run out. No need to save the fairy dust for a rainy day.

    I constantly find myself dazzled by his work. The symphony of his palette, his lights and shapes…His magic; or how else should I call this power that his paintings exude, and that draws energetic circles around me until it sits at the bottom of my diaphragm, extending its fingers downwards to get a hold of my chi, and upwards, to gently grab my throat, until I feel the tears coming, and I am so grateful for that valve.

    He shows me a universe of forms and colors, so rich and vivid. Unlimited beauty is out there. Magic surrounds us all: He sees it with his eyes, and is telling us about it. He knows; and I believe again. He lifts the veil between two worlds, and my vision brings to me what only a wishful heart perceived before.”
    Olga Ferreras-Anderson

    Gregory – Testimonial #1

Gregory’s gallery:

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