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“My bodywork is an integration of my training in both western and eastern medicine. I work intuitively, listening to your body, facilitating ease and balance physically and energetically by utilising deep tissue massage, super slow stretching, fascial release, and gentle passive structural realignment techniques.

Your treatment will be deeply relaxing and restorative but will also address specific muscular discomforts, bringing ease back to your body making you feel simply great.”

Deborah Spa & Well-being Life Butler

Deborah’s career highlights:

The following information provides an overview as to some of Deborah’s incredible achievements:

  • Training to be a Registered Nurse which provided her with a varied career incorporating different specialities of nursing within the NHS setting, enriching her respect and understanding of the human body and her approach to health and wellbeing.  As a nurse, she created an innovative and highly effective job share position with a physiotherapist. The effectiveness of hands on body work was what directed the next era of her professional training.
  • MRSS registered Shiatsu practitioner having completed the 3 year diploma training in Shiatsu with the British School of Shiatsu.
  • Qualified practitioner in Shiatsu Shin Tai.
  • Has undertaken training in deep tissue massage and structural alignment techniques.
  • Continues to regularly undertake post graduate courses in traditional Shiatsu body work, Shiatsu Shin Tai, Reiki and other relevant body work training.
  • Currently has an established body work business of her own which she has been running since 2007.

Specialises in:

  • Shiatsu body work
  • Shiatsu Shin Tai body work
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Registered nurse

Languages spoken:

  • English


  • “I have known Debs a long time, and she is one of the most genuinely lovely, warm, wonderful, caring, knowledgeable people I know. Her bodywork is beautiful, her energy is beautiful, she has huge integrity, and as the cherry on top, she is a registered nurse with a massive amount of experience.”

    Deborah – Testimonial 5
  • “I have been having regular treatments with Debs for over 3 years. I have become generally much calmer and more in touch with the important things in life, and contribute this solely to the Shiatsu and the way it is delivered. I have two long standing health issues that I had no luck controlling until I had treatments from Debs. They are now under control, this has made a huge impact on day to day life.”

    Deborah – Testimonial 4
  • “Deborah is a very special physical therapist. Her warmth, empathy, and humour are wonderful, and she has a beautiful touch. I always feel great benefit for days after the session.”

    Deborah – Testimonial 3
  • “Debs practice is underpinned by scientific evidence. Her ability in bodywork is a gift, an art, and an experience that always leaves me feeling better than I thought possible.”

    Deborah – Testimonial 2
  • “Deborah is an inspired healer and body worker. She listens to my body as well as what I am saying. Her work balances me on every level, restoring function, and tranquility throughout my body and soul. I think she may be an angel!”

    Deborah – Testimonial 1

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