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Sports & Adventure/Free Diving

“My passion for freediving took me on a new journey when I studied to become a freediving tutor back in 1999; and was lucky enough to be taught by the best freedivers in the world.

I believe that everybody can freedive. As a sport it challenges you mentally, is thrilling and great fun. The experience of diving without a tank puts you more in harmony with the your environment and makes you more approachable to sea-life. Freediving with sharks is a particularly amazing experience.

I have taught over 5,000 students in every part of the world doubling their time under water with only a few hours of training.”

Life Butler International - Free Diving

Christian’s career highlights:

The following information provides an overview as to some of Chris’ incredible achievements:

      • Set 10 World records in free diving
      • Setting the record for the highest free dive in a lake at 5,160 meters in Nepal
      • Free diving in the North Pole
      • Competing in the freediving world championships
      • Training the Red Bull Cliffdivers

Specialises in:

  • Free Diving Instructor Trainer
  • Ice and Cave Free Diving
  • Scuba Instructor
  • Boat License Holder

Languages spoken:

  • English
  • German

Current Location



  • “My experiences with Christian and his course were exceptional. As an experienced diver and teacher, he was able to communicate directly and succinctly to myself and my wife as to how to become a more experienced free diver. His technique and training is top notch. We improved our performance by 300% and were very pleased with the results and the course. We highly recommend Christian.”

    Christian – Testimonial #1

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