Meet Asher


“I am a coffee lover, entrepreneur, and inventor. My passion for coffee led me to discoveries and experiences that challenged many of the current beliefs that have shaped the coffee industry today.

My understanding of the power and energy that is in the foods we eat and the liquids we drink have been the key to unlocking the potential in coffee, in the form of chemical substances that positively affect the human brain and body.

The coffee I create is the most potent and best tasting on the planet!”

Speciality Chef - Private Barista - Life Butler

Asher’s career highlights:

The following information provides an overview as to some of Asher’s incredible achievements:

  • Creating my own ‘Coffee University’
  • Inventing a commercial and home coffee roaster that is distributed globally
  • Presenting a TEDx talk about coffee
  • Creating a system that not only makes the best possible coffee, but also is green, sustainable, and has zero waste

Specialises in:

  • Coffee education and health benefits
  • Coffee production
  • Coffee brewing
  • Coffee roasting
  • Coffee tasting

Languages spoken:

  • English


  • “I’m a true coffee freak; but I had no idea how good coffee could be until now. I’ve had coffee around the world, and I’m now completely addicted to Asher’s coconut cream lattes. You MUST have one! Or Two. Also, try the cold-pressed coffee!”

    Asher 4
  • “The best coffee I’ve ever tasted. The thing is that they bring green coffee from the mountains and roast it right here, ground for a maximum of 24 hours before serving. The result is an incredibly delicious coffee, and from there it only increases productivity, with no side effects such as palpitations and trembling hands as from regular coffee”.

    Asher 3
  • “Possibly the best coffee I have tried so far. It tastes even better when you take a moment to talk to Asher and find out the great story behind it all”

    Asher 2
  • “I have wanted to roast coffee in my own home for a couple of decades, but never found the equipment, level of integrity, nor passion that I searched for. Someone to teach and train me offering me the depth of knowledge I desired to embody the essence of coffee.
    And then I ran across Asher and I knew immediately he was THE individual to mentor me.
    Asher provides not only a degree of knowledge that most cannot offer, but a level of experience, passion, and intimacy with the bean and process, plus an understanding of the body and how a true food can affect it –both positively and negatively”.


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