Meet Andrea

Speciality Chef

“I first began my journey with live plant based foods to heal a painful illness that puzzled half a dozen specialised allopathic doctors. A few months later I was in no more pain and was off all medication. I trained as a raw vegan chef and for the last 20 years studied health, nutrition, biology, chemistry and psychology; whilst being a raw vegan chef, demonstrator, instructor, and teacher.

I’m passionate about live food nutrition and a natural lifestyle. I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you. Whilst showing you how to experience a superior increase in energy leaving you looking and feeling younger”.


” Feel your body come alive!”

Private Chef - Specialty Chef - Life Butler

Andrea’s career highlights:

The following information provides an overview as to some of Andrea’s incredible achievements:

  • Creating a special live plant based diet for the treatment of cancer (and multiple other illnesses) and testing it with incredible results
  • Being a health educator for an alternative cancer treatment centre
  • Appearing on websites such as The Examiner, AZ Life & Style, and The Food Channel
  • Creating and teaching continuing education classes for licensed professionals at the Healthy Medicine Academy Annual Cancer Symposium
  • Working with a group of wellness centres creating health education programmes, as well as improving current services and food programmes
  • Being invited to speak at public health events, like Plant Based Nation, AZ Wholeistic Living, Your Vibrant Life Summit
  • Creating and completing a process improvement project for a biochemistry company saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars a month

Specialises in:

  • Live Plant Based Food Preparation and Education
  • Healing with Raw Foods Health
  • Psychophysiological Health Education for Personal Wellness Management

Languages spoken:

  • English


  • “My first impression of Andrea was “WOW”! She has a confident, natural beauty that is admirable. Personally, I wanted to know how to achieve that confidence. So, I put myself in front of her as often as possible while she taught a class. It didn’t matter the topic, i.e. essential oils, our body’s internal processing, food choices and our behaviours, etc.

    Andrea speaks quickly and thoroughly, so I have to pay close attention. I have characterized her with an ‘encyclopaedia brain’. She is sharp, well versed and very knowledgeable.

    I strive to retain the education delivered so; I too, have a wealth of information to offer”.


  • “I took my daughters with me to see Andrea and it was even more and better than I expected. Andrea introduced us to easy healthy recipes and provided education and information that had inspired us to be more conscious of what we put in our bodies. Andrea is a great teacher and everything she did and said was so motivating and the food was delicious”.

  • “I was so impressed with her knowledge of raw food both from her brilliant scientific explanations and ability to demonstrate making the food while talking and quickly offering samples. She introduced me to a whole new world of eating healthy”.



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